Sep 24, 2018

Pet-Friendly Hotels in Medicine Hat: How to Plan for a Safe Stay for Fido

Ensure that Fido is safe and comfortable when staying at pet-friendly hotels in Medicine Hat.

Ensure that Fido is safe and comfortable when staying at pet-friendly hotels in Medicine Hat.

They’re our best friends, our family, and our companions, so when it comes to travelling with your pet, you want to make sure they are in the best possible health. If you are coming our way, you also want to be ensured that they will be safe if you are staying at one of the most pet-friendly hotels in Medicine Hat. Take these steps to help your furry buddy adjust and feel safe and secure while staying in a place that may be foreign to him or her.

Plan Ahead of Time for Your Pet’s Comfort

When looking for Medicine Hat pet-friendly hotels, make sure they offer all the necessary comforts that will help you and your faithful companion better enjoy your stay. This can include things such as ground-level rooms and suites that are big enough so you and your pet won’t feel cramped. See if the hotel is located near an area where your pet can easily relieve itself and offers waste bags so that you can get rid of the evidence.

Don’t forget to bring along your dog’s favourite foods and any meds he or she may require. Find out where the closest veterinarian is located to your Medicine Hat hotel, and ask for a map of local dog parks and dog-friendly trails and paths when you check in.

Familiarize Your Pet with Their New Environment

Dogs and cats are creatures of habit. They usually have their favourite resting place, know where to find food and water and are apt to go looking for you if they need comfort. That’s why when staying at pet-friendly hotels in Medicine Hat, AB, it’s important to help them adjust to an unfamiliar environment. You can do this by:

  • Bringing along their favourite toy
  • Finding a comfortable spot to set up their kennel or bed
  • Giving them extra cuddles and pats and talking in a soothing manner
  • Feeding them at the same time you do at home
  • Taking them outside for plenty of fresh air and exercise

Soothe the Savage Beast

It happens. Like a child crying, sometimes it’s hard to stop your dog from barking, especially when they are away from home. While Medicine Hat accommodations such as ours offer pet-friendly rooms, barking can still be a disruption to you and others who are trying to sleep and enjoy a quiet stay.

To minimize barking, try:

  • Not leaving your dog alone in your pet-friendly hotel room for long periods of time
  • If you must leave your room, making sure the hotel front desk staff are aware and have your emergency contact information on hand
  • Looking for hotels in Medicine Hat that offer two-room suites with a bedroom and living room, so you can place your dog in the bedroom and close the door to minimize noise from both inside and outside your suite
  • Taking your dog for a long walk as a distraction
  • Allowing for familiar sounds such as turning the TV on and/or playing music
  • Putting the Do Not Disturb sign on your door so that housekeeping is aware and will not enter

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The Comfort Inn and Suites is one of the choice hotels in Medicine Hat for pet-friendly accommodations. All those who book into one of our pet-friendly suites are asked to register their dog or cat, after which you’ll receive treats, waste bags, and a guide to local dog parks.